I am a product designer based in Warsaw, Poland, that creates brand and user experiences built to achieve new possibilities. My goal, on every project, is to ensure that my client and the user are connected in their love for the product.


My path

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and starting my career as a freelance designer, I learned my way around branding and UX by working on small projects for small businesses.

After helping design many small-scale experiences (which I’m still proud of), I worked as an inhouse designer for FireArt, a highly-rated digital design agency based in Warsaw, where I took on much larger projects for companies like Google, Atlassian, Edenred and more. After FireArt i statred working with digital companies as independent remote product desinger.

Services I cover

Concept & Strategy

Working with clients, I listen to their ideas and help to align those desires to that of their customer, crafting the best method to actually finish every project, large or small.


In the digital age, branding can make or break a company. My skills and expertise in this field are vast and I make sure that every brand I touch is a memorable and competitive one.

Print Design

Another important aspect of every business, I have designed a wide variety of media from stationary to catalogues to campaign posters.

UX/UI Design

User interactions are more important than ever before and my services have proven to provide users with strong connections throughout their experience.

Art Direction

Some projects just need someone who can manage the many aspects of a single vision, from setting deadlines to assisting the categorization of assets and everything in between.

Interaction design

Moving beyond a normal website or application design, this method creates a highly effective interaction between users and products through aesthetics, motion, sound and space.

Responsive web design

From mobile to tablet to desktop, I have helped craft countless apps and sites that remain attractive and user-friendly regardless of the platform.

How I work

I’m your design partner

I love collaborating and learning from our clients. I trust you to help me understand your problems, past experiences and goals.


Research and discovery are the best backbone to any project. I make sure that everyone knows exactly where we need to go before we go there. And, I make sure I know what is expected of me along the way, too.


Stakeholders need to know what’s at stake, so I stay in touch with the right people through every step of the process. When decisions need to be made, I communicate with decision makers; when designs need tweaking, I chat with designers; and so on.

Remote work

Regardless of location, I can work remote or travel when needed to create your unique product and I always stay available regardless. After 6 years working remotely i found principles that help me manage my work & time to communicate with teams around the world.


The only way to make sure everything works, as designed, is to test, test and test some more. I prototype and improve design several times before going to browser.

Iterative process

I don’t do big reveals. I don’t pitch. I work with our clients from day one and show them sketches, stupid ideas and everything we are working on. There are no surprises.


Work approach



My goal with every project is to help a business help its users. To do that, I need to make sure that I understand – to the best of my ability – your business and your target audience.


Proper planning, especially during a large project, can turn a difficult project into a manageable one (and sometimes, even, a fun one). My goal is to always have a blueprint in place that will help the project be successful.



This is the part where my skills do most of the work, but I always make sure to continue communications throughout the execution phase, tweaking what needs to be changed without deviating too far from the plan (in most cases).


When our project launches, I want to make sure it goes smoothly, so I help with the process from beginning to end. This is when we start incorporating other facets, too, such as copywriting, search marketing and additional development that might need to take place.



Some say a project is never really over and in the digital world that is especially true. Websites and applications need to be tracked, analyzed and optimized to ensure that our software is performing to the best of its ability.


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I’m available for freelance
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I’m available for freelance
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I’m available for freelance
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